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Know Thyself for Success: Empowering African-Americans through Self Knowledge combines leading edge scientific theory, genetics, psychology and religion to unravel the African-American condition and the deepening plight that has some civil rights activists classifying young black men an endangered species. The book uniquely empowers African-Americans by having them come to realize their genetic-spiritual heritage and how to leverage this heritage to realize their full potential. Topics include:

*The historical distortions that have been propagated by western society and culture

*Scientific substantiation of a spiritual realm of existence

*Biblical evidence and DNA proof that people of African descent represent God's original human creation

*Explains the spiritual implications of our heritage in the current age

* What image of God and the universe people of African descent uniquely possess

*The African origins of Judeo-Christianity and Islam

*Evidence that Jesus was indeed black

*Explains why Europeans have been the primary perpetrators of our psychological and economic bondage  

*How African-Americans can leverage their spiritual heritage for success and achievement

*Unravels the early childhood psychological barriers that keep us in socio-economic bondage

*Proven techniques for reversing our limiting psychological conditioning and establishing new mental patterns for  success and achievement

*The only viable solution for reversing the deepening plight of young African American men

*What the election of President Barack Obama signifies in the coming age 

We are entering an era where 21th century scientific theories and discoveries are validating ancient wisdom, spiritual understanding and religious doctrines. Recent discoveries and theories in physics are validating the unseen dimension of our existence that religious doctrines would refer to as spirit. Genetic and mitochondrial DNA evidence prove that all humans have genetic origins from Africa. These new discoveries and new understandings have unique implications for African-Americans and all people of African descent.

What are the ramifications of this genetic drift from God's original design on the nature of the world today? Why has the African continent, it's people and resources been raped, pillaged and kept in bondage by Europeans? What are the spiritual implications of our genetic heritage?  


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Empowering African Americans thru Self-Knowledge's Facebook Page
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