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The book cover artwork was inspired by Michelangelo's The Creation of  Adam  fresco that appears on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel circa 1511. The fresco is an illustration of the Biblical Genesis story of God imparting life into the first man, Adam. In the drawing God's right arm is extended to bestow upon  Adam the spark of life. Adam's left arm is extended, in a manner similar to God's, to signify that man is created in the image and likeness of God. The backdrop of God and his angels is the human brain.


 Based on DNA and biblical evidence, I felt it was about time for a more accurate depiction. Once upon a time the general consensus was that the world was flat. Once upon a time the United States Constitution classified slaves as only three-fifths human for the purpose of representation. As it turns out, people of African descent represent the first and the original human creation. Genetic and mitochondrial DNA evidence proves that every human alive today has genetic origins from Africa. The snake wrapped around Adam's arm in my depiction symbolizes the challenge that mankind faces, more specifically men of African descent, as a result our genetic heritage. God and his angels are on a backdrop of the the African continent, where mankind originated on the planet earth. The background of the book cover is the universe, signifying that the magnitude of the creation is much larger and diverse than simply humans and the planet earth.

The fresco painted on the Sistine Chapel is just one example of the many historical distortions and misconceptions perpetuated by western society that are being unraveled. I also present evidence of the true ethnicity and color of Jesus Christ. Which is not the typical distorted portrayal of American society. In the book I go into much greater detail why this knowledge and understanding is NOW being revealed. Part of which involves the the election of President Barrack Obama, among other things.

DNA evidence would indicate that people of African descent carry the purest image and likeness of God. What are the ramifications of this fact in light of the challenges that people of African descent have faced and the nature of the world today? The biblical focus on the lineage of Jesus would indicate that genealogy is important in God's plan. Just as God has a preferential bloodline, the enemy to God also has a preferential bloodline. At this point lets just say that the preferential bloodline of God's enemy is furthest removed from those that carry God's original likeness and image.

The cover for Know Thyself for Success was illustrated by up and coming Detroit artist Mario D. Moore. Well, he's no longer up and coming, he's arrived. Mario is a graduate of Detroit's College for Creative Studies and was featured in Metro Times as one of Detroit's finest artist under 30. In my search for an artist to draw my vision of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam it was obvious that Mario was the perfect fit. He had the opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel while studying his craft in Italy for several months. I believe it was Albert Einstein that said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous". Visit Mario's website, blog and Metro Times articles by using the links to the right. 

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Empowering African Americans thru Self-Knowledge's Facebook Page
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