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Chapter 2 - Know Thy Physical Self


Figure 2.1

The Holograhic Universe - the above hologram is the basic tenet of our physical reality and provides the foundation for meshing science, spirit and religion.



Figure 2.2 - In a hologram all the information of the whole is contained in the pieces. One example of this is DNA.  



Figure 2.3 - Our brain functions as a frequency analyzer to create a 3-dimensional physical reality from the realm of spirit which is frequency.



Figure 2.4 - Does time really exist? Are our brains hardwired to perceive a physical reality of time and space. What does science say?



Figure 2.5 - Our present moment (the now) is an intersection of frequency patterns of the past and our future expectations. What is the process by which we shape our future expectations?



Figure 2.6 - Spirit is the source, mind is the builder, physical reality is the result.




Chapter 3 - DNA and People of African Descent


Figure 3.1 - DNA




Figure 3.2 - Genetic evidence proves conclusively that mankind originated in Africa before migrating to the rest of the world. All humans have a common ancestor whom originated in Africa over 200,000 years ago known as "Genetic Eve".


Figure 3.3 - Some scientists believe there is a God Gene. A gene that predisposes us to a believe in God and/or spirituality. If there is a God Gene, what race of people would have the purest version of the gene? What race would have the least pure variant of it. What are the implication of genetics and spirituality on the nature of the world today?   


Figure 3.4 - Correlation of migration from African and collective world economic and military status of the races. Coincidence?  


Chapter 7 - Spiritual and Mental Foundations of Success

Figure 7.1


Figure 7.2


Figure 7.3 - Brain electrical activity and levels of awareness


Figure 7.4 - What is the cycle of psychological disempowerment in the African American community ultimately the result of?   





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Empowering African Americans thru Self-Knowledge's Facebook Page
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